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    Information Security is still a new but rapidly progressing industry. Understanding the trends, needs, employee profiles and major issues are crucial to its future development. The Center for Cyber Safety and Education is dedicated to conducting industry research that illuminates key issues while looking toward future goals and expectations.  

    Survey for 2017 GISWS Opens June 22nd  

    The Global Information Security Workforce Study, the principal study on workforce trends in Information Security, will run June 22 through September 30, 2016. This online survey, conducted over a four-month period, gauges the opinions of information security professionals regarding trends and issues affecting their profession and careers. Designed to capture expansive viewpoints and produce statistically significant findings, the survey is open to (ISC)² members and all qualified information security professionals. 

    The Center for Cyber Safety and Education has conducted similar surveys since 2004 and has made results available to private, governmental and non-profit organizations as a means for these organization to plan, assess and implement workforce policies. 

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    For information about the survey, please contact Center@isc2.org

    Study findings for 2015: The (ISC)² Global Information Security Workforce Study

    Women in Security Study

    2015 Women in Security Report thumb According to the Center’s most recent Global Information Security Workforce Study, women in the information security profession represent 10% of the workforce—a percentage that is unchanged from two years ago. Although their sheer numbers in this profession are increasing, they are only increasing at the pace of the profession as a whole.

    This Women in Security white paper is based on an online survey with the objective of gauging and presenting the opinions of InfoSec professionals regarding trends and issues affecting their profession and careers. 

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    Research Report on Cybersecurity Workforce Competencies from University of Phoenix and the (ISC)² Foundation (now Center for Cyber Safety and Education)

    University of Phoenix ISC2 Foundation Report 2014 thumbCybersecurity Workforce Competencies: Preparing Tomorrow's Risk-Ready Professionals

    Based on a collaboration between University of Phoenix and (ISC)² Foundation (now the Center for Cyber Safety and Education), this report provides insights on:Growth in the cybersecurity industry

             - Growth in the cybersecurity industry
             - Cybersecurity professional competencies
             - Ways to build a pipeline of cybersecurity talent

    The report identifies action steps for employers, industry associations, higher education institutions, and students to close education-to-workforce gaps and improve pathways to cybersecurity careers.

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    Research Report on Android Security for Workplace Devices, Conducted by Frost & Sullivan

    F&S Android Security Report ThumbMobile computing devices such as tablets and smartphones enable a high degree of connectivity and productivity that employees now expect in their jobs. Research by the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) confirms that the majority of known mobile threats target Android devices.

    A new Frost and Sullivan report provides an in-depth overview of mobile threats and discusses how to build security into the core of mobile devices

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