We are excited to announce our new name: Center for Cyber Safety and Education. This change reflects our commitment to making the cyber world a safer place for everyone and allows us to incorporate the work we do into a name that showcases our efforts. We continue to be a foundation and a part of (ISC)², whose dedication to research, scholarships and online education has been an inspiring example to the cybersecurity industry. Our organizational and operational structure remain the same as does our global outlook for all our programs. 

    With our new name comes an even stronger commitment to our vision of making the cyber world a safer place for everyone!


    New GISWS Survey is NOW Open

    The Center for Cyber Safety and Education and (ISC)² are teaming up again with the research firm Frost & Sullivan for the next (ISC)² Global Information Security Workforce Survey (GISWS). The survey is now available and you can access it here. Your participation is necessary to gauge the complete landscape of the profession The survey, on average, will only takes 20 minutes of your time to complete. (Note: versions of the survey in Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese will be available after July 12.)

    Two years ago, nearly 14,000 (ISC)² members and non-members around the world participated in the nearly hour-long survey. We ask for your help to sustain the historically high response rate that distinguishes this vital research. Your input will be used to validate data on pay scales, skills, training requirements, and budgets. This critical research will also provide much needed insight into opportunities and trends, as well as how the profession is changing and driving other business factors.

    Your responses to the survey will be compiled and released early next year. Referenced by governments, employers, professionals, and industry stakeholders, the GISWS has been a respected global benchmark for 12 years. But we can’t do it without your help.


    Center Releases New Study, in Partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton and (ISC)² Children's_Study_Cut

    New Study Finds Parents Unaware of Kids' Online Behavior

    The Center's new study reveals that most parents of elementary and middle school students in the U.S. are not aware of the risks their kids are taking online. The findings show that kids spend more time online and remain online much later during the school week than parents realize. They visit sites their parents wouldn’t approve of and engage with strangers online and offline more frequently than their parents know – despite receiving instruction on the safe use of the internet. 

    • 30% reported texting a stranger from their phone.
    • 25% revealed their phone numbers to a stranger.
    • 21% took the relationship a step further and spoke to a stranger by phone.
    • 15% tried to meet with a stranger they first encountered online.
    • 11% actually met a stranger in their home, the stranger’s home, a park, mall or restaurant — often accompanied by a friend.
    • 6% revealed their home addresses.
    Complete study results and infographic available @ www.SafeAndSecureOnline.org.


    (ISC)² Employee Giving Campaign Off to Successful Start!

    (ISC)² Employees(ISC)² employees reached into their hearts and pulled out close to $11,000 (USD) in just the first week of the very first Employee Giving Campaign. Way to go (ISC)² family!!

    Philanthropy touches each of our programs that have been created to ensure that the technology of the internet doesn’t overwhelm members of our community. We empower people to take control and overcome things such as cyberbullying and identity theft; we empower students with scholarship awards that allow them to pursue fulfilling careers; and we empower YOU with information that tells you what the trends are in the cyber world on both an industry level and a consumer level.

    You can become part of this great giving movement today. You can give any amount and you can give one time, monthly, quarterly or annually. You can even give using your #PayPal account. Donate Now!


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