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    Through the (ISC)² Foundation, the nearly 100,000 highly skilled members of (ISC)² are devoted to empowering students, teachers and the general public to secure their online life with cyber security education and awareness programs in the community. Since the Safe and Secure Online program began in 2006, more than 1,500 (ISC)² member volunteers have helped more than 165,000 children, parents and teachers learn how to protect themselves online and become responsible digital citizens. The (ISC)² Foundation, working together with key volunteers, is developing a Senior Citizen presentation that will be released Summer 2015. The Foundation has awarded over $400,000 in scholarships to students across the world who are pursuing a degree in cybersecurity. And the Foundation is proud to provide the critical industry research found in our Global Information Security Workforce Study.

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    NEW: 2015 (ISC)² Women in Security Study

    2015 Women in Security Report thumb According to (ISC)²’s most recent Global Information Security Workforce Study, women in the information security profession represent 10% of the workforce—a percentage that is unchanged from two years ago. Although their sheer numbers in this profession are increasing, they are only increasing at the pace of the profession as a whole.

    This Women in Security white paper is based on an online survey conducted over a four-month period starting in October 2014. The objective of that survey, and as presented in this study, is to gauge the opinions of InfoSec professionals regarding trends and issues affecting their profession and careers.

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    Lassine Cherif, a 2014 recipient of the undergraduate scholarship award in the Ivory Coast (Africa), had all the passion, dedication, and tenacity to pursue his dream of a career in cybersecurity. The only problem was that he wasn't sure how to pay for it. "By selecting me, the (ISC)² Foundation gave me a luxury of focusing on my education rather than worrying about how to pay for it."

    Samantha Houston, another 2014 recipient of the undergraduate scholarship award in the USA, had the same problem. "I am so grateful to receive the (ISC)² Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship because it is a stepping stone on my path to success in the field of cybersecurity."

    There are so many other Lassine Cherifs and Samantha Houstons out there who need your help. Please donate today to help create a lasting legacy in a safe and secure cyber world.


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