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    Imagine having access to over 110,000 cyber professionals to help you understand the do’s and don’ts of the internet. You do! Through the (ISC)² Foundation.

    Born from the desire of the highly-skilled membership of (ISC)², the Foundation was created and is now devoted to empowering the people in your community to be safe and secure online through educational and awareness programs; scholarship programs; and industry and consumer research.

    Become a CyberSmart Parent

    RSA Conference is offering a half-day workshop covering the challenges and threats your kids face online, strategies parents and caregivers can use to keep kids safe & secure online and much more. Download the CyberSmart Parents' Education Workshop flyer for more information. Our Safe and Secure Online Education Program Specialist will be participating and available to answer questions and assist you in gathering the tools and talking points you need to help keep your kids safe & secure online.


    (ISC)² Employee Giving Campaign Off to Successful Start!

    (ISC)² employees reached into their hearts and pulled out close to $11,000 (USD) in just the first week of the very first Employee Giving Campaign. Way to go (ISC)² family!!

    Philanthropy touches each of our programs that have been created to ensure that the technology of the internet doesn’t overwhelm members of our community. We empower people to take control and overcome things such as cyberbullying and identity theft; we empower students with scholarship awards that allow them to pursue fulfilling careers; and we empower YOU with information that tells you what the trends are in the cyber world on both an industry level and a consumer level.

    You can become part of this great giving movement today. You can give any amount and you can give one time, monthly, quarterly or annually. You can even give using your #PayPal account. Donate Now!

    What we do

    Teach Kids Online Safety

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    Provide Information
    Security Scholarships

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    Conduct Industry Research

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    NEW: 2015 (ISC)² Women in Security Study

    2015 Women in Security Report thumb According to (ISC)²’s most recent Global Information Security Workforce Study, women in the information security profession represent 10% of the workforce—a percentage that is unchanged from two years ago. Although their sheer numbers in this profession are increasing, they are only increasing at the pace of the profession as a whole.

    This Women in Security white paper is based on an online survey with the objective of gauging and presenting the opinions of InfoSec professionals regarding trends and issues affecting their profession and careers.

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    Let's Create a Better Internet Together

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    Deborah Olusanya, a 2015 recipient of the graduate scholarship award, developed an interest in information security when working for a bank’s IT security team. When the opportunity opened up to pursue her MS in Information Assurance, she went for it. “With this scholarship, I can focus entirely on completing my degree and not having to worry about any financial constraints…I hope that with the skills I acquire from this graduate program, I too can be a positive impact in the world of information security.”

    One of our 2015 undergraduate scholarship recipients, Scott Heidbrink, says, “The scholarship means I'll be able to focus more on my research and helping to further the security field. On a more personal note it takes off a lot of the stress (of) going to school and makes it a lot more enjoyable experience.”

    There are so many others like Deborah and Scott who need your help. Please donate today to help create a lasting legacy of a safe and secure cyber world.


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